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#GivingTuesday: Doing a World of Good
Joao Paulo Vergueiro
Anita Gallagher
Asha Curran

10 Things Every Fundraising Professional Should Do in Their First 90 Days
Amy Towery - MNA, CFRE

A Spotlight on Immigrant and Diaspora Philanthropy: Lessons from Working with Emerging Donor Communities in the San Francisco Bay Area
Angie Briones
Nivisha Mehta
Krishan Mehta - PhD
Muhi Khwaja
Michele Lew

Accepting Gifts from Pablo Escobar … and Other Ethical Dilemmas Faced by Fundraisers and NGOs
Robbe Healey
Paul Strawhecker

Advanced Facilitation Skills
Robbe Healey
Mary Brumbach - Ph.D., CFRE

All I Wanna Do Is Raise Some Funds
Lori Jacobwith

Be For Impact: A Point of View That Changes the Funding Game
Nicholas Fellers

Beyond Best Practices: How Seattle Symphony Redefined Campaign Readiness to Exceed Goals
Craig Hightower
Jane Hargraft

Breaking the Mold of Traditional Communication
Francis Fernando

Coaching and Mentoring: Recipes for Success in Growing the Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders
Katherine Bella - CFRE
James Armstrong - CFRE
James McBride
Lillian Samuel
Karolo Aparicio - CFRE
Lakshmi Krishnan

Crafting the Donor Story
Schuyler Lehman
Donnita Travis

Creating Great Board Meetings: It's a Big Deal
Simone Joyaux - ACFRE, Adv Dip

Creating the Cream of the Crop
Jennifer Graham - PhD

Crowdfunding: Make It More Than Just a Hail Mary! 
Dana Ostomel

Data Got You Down? Simplifying Donor-Centered Fundraising Analysis for the Data Allergic
Clay Buck

Direct Response vs. Major Gifts: Overcoming the Culture Clash!
Rachel Muir - CFRE
Mark Rovner
Vicky Barrett-Putnam

Dirty Money: Practicing Ethics in Fundraising
John Andrew Scola - CFRE

Donor Love: Real Results, Real Ideas
Simon Scriver - CFRE
Jen Love

Effective Fundraising Innovation Built Into the DNA of Your Organization!
Begoña Vázquez Santos
Emily Bracken

Empowering Your Board with Meaningful Development Metrics
Laurel McCombs

Following the Path to Donor Nirvana: The 6 Realizations Approach
Tom Ahern

Fundraising Events & Major Gifts: How Do We Get from One to the Other?
Kent Stroman - CFRE

Fundraising Gooder: Improvisation for Agents of Change
Scott Campbell - CFRE

Fundraising with Volunteers: Is it Really Worth the Effort?
Jan Brazzell - ACFRE
Kate Ward

Get Your Board Fired Up and Engaged
Patricia Egan - MBA, CFRE
Rick Kemm

Getting Involved in the ACFRE Process
Kenneth Frisch
Vern Snyder - ACFRE

How Do All the Confusing Pieces Fit Together?
Annie Fritschner - ACFRE, AFP Master Trainer

How the New Wave of Tech Philanthropists Are Using Complex Assets to Make A Big Impact
Erik Dryburgh
Mari Ellen Loijens

How to Create a Mid-Level Donor Program
Emma Kieran

How to Negotiate Your Nonprofit Fundraising Salary
Mazarine Treyz - None

Injecting Fundraising into Your Board Meetings
Susan Schaefer - CFRE
Bob Wittig

Integrated Marketing & Fundraising to Raise USD 5M to Serve over 2 Million in One Month: Egypt Story
Khaled Fasih
Abdel Aziz Aly

It’s a Small World: Customizing Fundraising Strategies for Global Audiences
Ann Updegraff Spleth - CFRE
Rebecca Teel Daou
Eric Schmelling
Bernadette Lane
Lindsay Marciniak

Leading Teams for Collaboration
Nowshad (Shad) Ali - CFRE, CPBA, CPMA, CEQ

Let Your Emotional Intelligence Do The Talking! 17 Skills Necessary for Performance Leadership
Miguel de Jesus - Certified Professional Coach

Level Up: Take Your Relationship with Prospect Development to New Heights
Aaron George
Mallory Lass

Looking for Gifts in All the Right Places: 10 Clues That You’re Talking to a Planned Giving Prospect and What to Do About It
Aviva Shiff Boedecker

Making an Artful Ask: Your Turn! What Exactly Do You Say?
Marcy Heim - CFRE, PLCC
Steve Engel

Money Makes the World Go 'Round: Raising Funds Across Borders
Penelope Cagney
Simona Biancu
Jon Stettner
Hank Goldstein
Alberto Cuttica

Moving Annual and Mid-Level Donors Towards Inspired Gifts: A Case Study from the Oregon Health and Science University Foundation
Lauren Cox - MPA
Margot Swanson
Chelsea Benedict

Pivoting: The Secret to Successfully Handling Difficult Donor Conversations
Anne Melvin

Putting the Prospect First
Dyan Sublett
Claudia Looney

Raising Funds for International Causes: Challenges and Opportunities
Fredrick Anyanwu
Renee Saedi
Alejandra Villalobos
Karolo Aparicio - CFRE

Rebels, Renegades & Pioneers Session -- Is Your Business Model Broken? The TRUTH About Fundraising and Capitalization
Brian Bonde - ACFRE
Janet Brown

Segmenting for Success: New Data Insights and Best Practices to Power Your Segmenting and Marketing Strategies
Melissa Bank Stepno

Shining a Spotlight on the Growth in Giving Initiative and the Human Services Sector
Erik Daubert
Nathan Dietz
Aggie Sweeney

Small Shop Academy
Simon Scriver - CFRE
Jen Love

So You Want to Be a CEO?
Marian Alexander DeBerry

Steal These Donor Retention Strategies & Boost Revenue
Rachel Muir - CFRE
Adrian Sargeant
Jay Love

Successful Fundraising Events: Just What Does It Take To Be Best in Class
Adrian Sargeant
Jay Love

Tackling the Elephants in Your Boardroom
Stacey Wedding - CGT-Cert Governance Trainer

The 7 Secrets of Building Donor Loyalty Through Monthly Giving
Harvey Mckinnon

The Fundraising Effectiveness Project and How It Can Help Your Organization
James Greenfield
Ben Miller

The Future of Fundraising Is Already Here. Stop Fundraising. Start Inspiring!
Ted Hart - ACFRE, CAP(r)

The Major Gift Challenge: How to Get Started Raising Major Gifts
Amy Eisenstein - ACFRE

The Millennial MGO: How to Be Successful When Everyone Sees You As Their Kid
Nicholas Kulik - CFRE
Emily Reed - CFRE, CNP
Dustin Williams - CFRE

The Philanthropic Autobiography as a Tool for Donor Discernment
Sarah Nathan - PhD

The Road to Relevance: Reading the Road Map of How to Make Fundraising Relevant in Your Organization
Nigel Harris - MBA CFRE FFIA
Lesley Ray

The Secrets to Using Wealth Screening For Crazy Campaign Success
Linda Garrison - CFRE, APR

Understanding Your Millennial Workforce: More than Bean Bags and Free Food
Ali Badibanga
Kate McClung

What's On YOUR Mind? How Our Thinking Impacts Our Giving, and Living, Results
Marcy Heim - CFRE, PLCC
Gail Perry - CFRE, MBA
Lori Jacobwith

When They Say No: Getting Out of the Box
Steven Smith - CFRE
Jill Pranger - ACFRE

Why Media Attacks on Fundraising Really Are "Ideological," and How We Can Deal with Them
Ian MacQuillin

You Don't Need to Be Superman to Change the World (Though You May Have to Wear Red Underpants)
Jonathan Krause

You Too Can Do Legacy Giving
Greg Lassonde

Young Fundraisers Make a Difference & Why You Need to Engage Them Now!
Valerie Pletcher
Patricia Bjorhovde

You’re Only As Good As Your Plan (and Whether You Use It)
Jennifer Pelton - CFRE,AFP Master Trainer
Linda Beeman - MBA, GPC

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